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NCR WorldMark 4455 servers and upgrades NCR 4455 Server, Systems and Upgrades from Vecmar Computer Solutions

Vecmar is an Authorized NCR Distributor of

NCR WorldMark 4455 Servers & Upgrades

Call or email now for a quote or to place an order.

Thanks for choosing Vecmar, one of the largest custom configuration houses in North America, specializing in NCR systems exclusively.

NCR WorldMark Storage is part of a highly orchestrated system designed to maximize NCR Teradata database operation and execute superior performance under the rigorous demands of active data warehousing.

NCR WorldMark 4455 Server Features & Benefits:

  • Support for one to four Intel® Pentium® III Xeon® processors:
    • Latest generation of Intel processors for exceptional performance and scalability
  • Pentium III Xeon processor 700 MHz/ 1MB or 2MB cache:
    • Range of price/performance choices for flexibility in meeting end-user requirements
  • Enterprise class levels of availability with redundant and hot-pluggable fans and power supplies, hot-pluggable hard disk drives and RAID expansion:
    • Supplies high availability to minimize downtime for scheduled tenance or in the unlikely event of a component failure
  • Support for Microsoft® Windows NTS® 4.0, Microsoft Windows 2000®, Sun Solaris, NCR's UNIX MP-RAS, and Red Hat Linux:
    • Investment protection through choice of operating systems
  • IBM® Channel (Bus & Tag, Escon) connectivity and support for external enterprise data storage subsystems:
    • Quick deployment of entry-scale NCR Teradata-based data warehouse solutions and NCR Teradata development platforms

The NCR WorldMark 4455 Server = Outstanding Performance & Scalability

The NCR WorldMark 4455 server delivers outstanding performance, scalability and availability in a mid-range SMP server, making it the ideal server to meet departmental computing and Scalable Data Warehousing requirements.

NCR WorldMark 4455 Server is Suitable for a Variety of Applications

The powerful NCR WorldMark 4455 Server SMP servers, equipped with Intel® Pentium® III XeonTM 700MHz processors, are suitable for a variety of applications throughout the enterprise from high availability applications to entry level data warehousing.

NCR's built-in high availability components and value-add software make the NCR WorldMark 4455 an exceptional file, LAN, and application server for meeting your business-critical needs.

The NCR WorldMark 4455 offers Outstanding Availability, Reliability and Serviceability

The NCR WorldMark 4455 server offers such features as hot-pluggable and redundant power supplies, hot-pluggable hard disk drives, redundant fans, and RAID expansion. For exceptional performance and scalability, the NCR WorldMark 4455 is expandable up to four Intel Pentium III Xeon® processors. To further enhance these high availability features, Intel's Integrated Server Control and Server Manager software offer early system monitoring and alerting for enhanced system manageability.

When combined with external storage and additional connectivity features, the NCR WorldMark 4455 server provides a solid foundation for entry-level data warehousing applications.

NCR WorldMark 4455 Servers

4455-4000-8090 WM4455 Tower System
4455-4100-8090 WM4455 Rack System
4455-5000-8090 WM4455 NT / 2000 Tower System
4455-5100-8090 WM4455 NT / 2000 Rack System

NCR WorldMark 4455 Server Processor Upgrades

4455-F031 1 X Pentium III XEON 700/1M
4455-F032 2 X Pentium III XEON 700/1M
4455-F033 3 X Pentium III XEON 700/1M
4455-F034 4 X Pentium III XEON 700/1M
4455-F041 1X Pentium III XEON 700/2M
4455-F042 2 X Pentium III XEON 700/2M
455-F04 3 X Pentium III XEON 700/2M
4455-F044 4 X Pentium III XEON 700/2M

NCR WorldMark 4455 Server Memory Upgrades

4455-F117 Memory Upgrade, SDRAM ECC 256MB (4 X 64MB)
4455-F118 Memory Upgrade, SDRAM ECC 512MB (4 X 128MB)
4455-F119 Memory Upgrade, SDRAM ECC 1GB (4 X 256MB)
4455-F120 Memory Upgrade, SDRAM ECC 2GB (4 X 512MB)
4455-F126 Memory, 64MB 50NS - For AMI 438 Adapter

WorldMark 4455 Server Host Adapters and Communications NCR

4455-F125 RAID Adapter, PCI, AMI 438 3-Channel, No Memory
4455-F127 SCSI Adapter, U160 LVD, Single Channel

4455-F231 Single Channel Ethernet Adapter, Intel Pro 100+ 10/100
4455-F233 Dual Ethernet Adapter, Intel Pro 100+ 10/100
4455-F237 Single Channel Ethernet Adapter, Intel Pro 1000+ Gbit
4455-F266 RAID Adapter, PCI, AMI 493 2-Channel, w/ 64MB
4455-F267 RAID Adapter, PCI, AMI 493 2-Channel, w/ 128MB
4455-F268 RAID Battery Backup Option
4455-F271 Fibre Channel Adapter, PCI, Qlogic 2100/2200
4455-F281 Quad SCSI, PQS, Shared, PCI 2.1

NCR WorldMark 4455 Server Storage Options

4455-F361 9GB 10K RPM Hot Plug Disk Drive
4455-F362 18GB 10K RPM Hot Plug Disk Drive
4455-F363 36GB 10K RPM Hot Plug Disk Drive
4455-F414 20/40GB DDS-4, 4mm Tape Drive
4455-F419 35/70GB DLT Tape Drive

Need something you don't see listed above?

Call 800-457-8499 or email us for information and pricing on systems and upgrades not listed.

Questions about the NCR WorldMark 4455 Server?

For more information on NCR WorldMark 4455 Server view the NCR WorldMark 4455 server PDF datasheet, call us at 800-457-8499 or email us.

Order Your NCR WorldMark 4455 Server and Upgrades

Order your NCR WorldMark 4455 server and upgrades now! For more information call 800-457-8499 or email us. Your purchase order, with credit approval, is welcome; as well as all major credit cards. Remember, you'll get FREE technical service with every product you buy from Vecmar.

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