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NCR WorldMark 4400 servers and upgrades NCR 4400 Server, Systems and Upgrades from Vecmar Computer Solutions

Vecmar is an Authorized NCR Distributor of

NCR WorldMark 4400 Servers & Upgrades

Call or email now for a quote or to place an order.

Thanks for choosing Vecmar, one of the largest custom configuration houses in North America, specializing in NCR systems exclusively.

The NCR WorldMark 4400 Servers and Upgrades:

NCR WorldMark Storage is part of a highly orchestrated system designed to maximize NCR Teradata database operation and execute superior performance under the rigorous demands of active data warehousing.

NCR WorldMark 4400 Servers

4400-xxxx WM4400 Server

NCR WorldMark 4400 Server CPU Options

4400-F023 Pentium II XEON 400MHz, 512K Cache
4400-F024 Pentium II XEON 400MHz, 1MB Cache
4400-F025 Pentium II XEON 450Mhz, 512K Cache
4400-F026 Pentium II XEON 450MHz, 1MB Cache
4400-F027 Pentium II XEON 450MHz, 2MB Cache
4400-F028 Pentium III XEON 500MHz, 512K Cache
4400-F029 Pentium III XEON 500MHz, 1MB Cache
4400-F030 Pentium III XEON 500MHz, 2MB Cache
4400-F031 Pentium III Xeon 550MHz, 512K Cache
4400-F032 Pentium III XEON 550MHz, 1MB Cache
4400-F033 Pentium III XEON 550MHz, 2MB Cache

NCR WorldMark 4400 Server Memory Options

4400-F116 Memory Upgrade, DIMM - 128MB EDO (4 x 32M)
4400-F117 Memory Upgrade, DIMM - 256MB EDO (4 x 64M)
4400-F118 Memory Upgrade, DIMM - 1GB EDO (4 x 256M)

NCR WorldMark 4400 Server Communications

4400-F048 Board, VRM - Required
4400-F123 Adapter - PCI - Single SCSI U/W SE
4400-F125 Adapter - PCI - Single SCSI F/W Diff
4400-F131 Adapter - PCI - Dual SCSI SE (No MP-RAS)
4400-F145 Adapter - PCI - Dual Ethernet 10/100Base-T
4400-F147 Adapter - PCI - Ethernet 10/100
4400-F152 Adapter - PCI - Token Ring
4400-F190 Adapter - PCI - Single FDDI Fiber
4400-F191 Adapter - PCI - Dual FDDI Fiber
4400-F192 Adapter - PCI - Single FDDI Copper
4400-F231 Adapter - PILA8470 PRO100+ Single, Intel
4400-F233 Adapter - PILA8470 PRO100+ Dual, Intel
4400-F237 ADPT, PCI- PRO1000+ 1GB ETHRN
4400-F255 Adapter - RAID Ultra 16MB W/ Battery
4400-F257 Adapter - RAID Ultra 4MB W/O Battery
4400-F260 Adapt- Dual RAID Cntrllr PCI, 16MB RAM w/ Batt / N
4400-F261 Adapter - Dual RAID Cntrlr PCI,4MB RAM w/o Batt/NT
4400-F271 Kit - Adapter - Fibre Channel PCI
4400-F280 Adapt - PCI - PDS 2.1 (Dual)
4400-F281 Adapter - PCI - Quad SCSI Shared 2.1
4400-F282 Adapter - PCI - Quad SCSI 2.1
4400-F611 Supply, Redundant 420W Power

NCR WorldMark 4400 Server Storage Options (Disk and Tape)

4400-F352 9GB Disk Drive, Hot Plug, 7200 RPM
4400-F353 18GB Disk Drive, Hot Plug, 7200 RPM
4400-F356 9GB Disk Drive, Hot Plug, 10K
4400-F357 18GB Disk Drive, Hot Plug, 10K
4400-F359 36GB Disk Drive, Hot Plug, 10K
4400-F412 12/24GB DDS-3 4mm DAT Tape Drive
4400-F413 12/24GB DDS-3 4mm DAT Tape Drive (Seagate)
4400-F418 20/40GB DLT Tape Drive
4400-F419 135/70GB DLT Tape Drive
4400-F430 7/14GB 8mm Tape Drive
4400-F431 120/40GB 8mm Tape Drive

Need something you don't see listed above?

Call 800-457-8499 or email us for information and pricing on systems and upgrades not listed.

Questions about the NCR WorldMark 4400 Server?

For more information on NCR WorldMark 4400 Server call us at 800-457-8499 or email us.

Order YourNCR WorldMark 4400 Server and Upgrades

Order your NCR WorldMark 4400 server and upgrades now! For more information call 800-457-8499 or email us. Your purchase order, with credit approval, is welcome; as well as all major credit cards. Remember, you'll get FREE technical service with every product you buy from Vecmar.

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