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NCR Transport Upgrades, Parts, and Refurbished Systems


NCR Transport Upgrades, Parts, and Refurbished Systems

Vecmar Financial Solutions provides hardware and software upgrades for all NCR Transport Equipment. Whether you are looking for a single part, an upgrade, or a complete system, we can provide you with the solution you need. Vecmar can
ship world-wide; just give us a call to find out the current lead time on the product you need.

Trusted by NCR

All hardware upgrades include a 90-day parts warranty. All transport parts and upgrades have been remanufactured and tested for quality. Vecmar has been an authorized NCR distributor since 1990, and we have a qualified staff of NCR technicians who provide pre- and post-sale support and coordinate installation of upgrades on your transport systems.

We Buy and Sell Legacy NCR Transport Equipment

Contact us at 800-457-8499 to discuss the current trade-in value for your older NCR equipment.

Common upgrades for the 7780, 7766 and iTran 8000

NCR 7780 Transports – Upgrades, Parts and Complete Systems

7780-K100 Binary Board
7780-K011 Front Image Lift Kit
7780-K031 Rear Ink Jet
7780-K110 Rear Image Lift Kit
7780-K120 Front Ink Jet
7780-K121 Front Upgrade Ink Jet 125ml
7780-K170 Kit; Merge Feeder
7780-F172 High Performance Hopper
7780-F180 Journal Printer
7780-F200 Front Gray Scale Image
7780-F205 Rear Gray Scale Image
7780-F280 Dual MICR Reader Feature
7782-K791 CLI SCSI Adapter Cable DSILM
7780-K541 Multi-Line OCR Upgrade Kit
7781-1011 Four Pocket Module
7782-2000 Downstream Image Lift Module

NCR 7766 – parts upgrades and complete systems

NCR 7766-1000 Complete Machine
7766 Thermal Print head
7766 Jebs Board
7766 Endorser Board
7766 New Style Keyboard
2195-1515 Printer
7766 PMPCPI Board

Itrans 8000 series – parts upgrades and complete systems

9810-K100 Binary Board
9810-K110 Rear Image Lift Kit
9811-1001 High Speed Encoder
9812-1001 Ink Jet Endorser
9814-1001 Four Pocket Module
9824-1001 Four Pocket Module
9810-3001 Downstream Image Lift
9810-F170 Flat Panel Monitor w/ Touchscreen
9810-K150 Multi-Line OCR Upgrade
9810-K396 Riab Adapter Board
9810-7786 Itran Microfilmer

Itran 7000 series – parts upgrades and complete systems – Call for price and availability

Questions about NCR Transport Upgrades, Parts, or Refurbished Systems?

For more information on NCR Servers, Systems or Upgrades call us at 800-457-8499 or email us.

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