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NCR S1400 servers and upgrades

Vecmar is an Authorized NCR Distributor of

NCR S1400 Value Servers & Upgrades

Call or email now for a quote or to place an order.

  • 2X Pentium 3
  • 133MHz FSB
  • 2GB ECC SDRAM Memory
  • 4 SCSI or ATA drives
  • 6 PCI Slots
  • View the NCR S1400 PDF

Thanks for choosing Vecmar, one of the largest custom configuration houses in North America, specializing in NCR systems exclusively.

NCR S1400 marks the return of high performance dual processor capability to the value segment

NCR S1400 Server Detailed Specifications:

NCR S1400 Core Technology:

  • ServerWorks LE 3.0 chipset
  • Supports PentiumŪ III, Tualatin, and CuMine-T processors/133MHz FSB
  • 32 and 64-bit PCI

NCR S1400 Processors (speed/cache):

  • Dual Capable PIII
  • 933 MHz - 1GHZ Coppermine-T / 256K
  • 1.13GHz and up Tualatin / 512K

NCR S1400 Memory:

  • Up to 2GB ECC PC133 SDRAM

NCR S1400 I/O Buses:

  • PCI
  • Adaptec AIC-7899 Dual Channel Ultra-3(160)/LVD SCSI
  • Dual Channel Ultra DMA 33 EIDE

NCR S1400 Ports:

  • 2S/1P/K/M

NCR S1400 SCSI & IDE Fixed Disks:

  • 18, 36, 73GB SCSI Disk Drives @ 10K RPM (max 292GB)
  • 20, 40, 80, 120GB IDE
  • Disk Drives @ 7200RPM 292GB Max Internal SCSI Disk Capacity and 180GB max Internal IDE Disk capacity

NCR S1400 Tape Drives:

  • 10/20GB Travan
  • 20/40GB DDS-4 DAT

NCR S1400 Removable Media:

  • CD-ROM
  • Floppy Disk

NCR S1400 Expansion Slots:

  • 6 Total PCI Slots (4 x 64 bit/33MHz & 2 x 32 bit/ 33MHz)

NCR S1400 Drive Bays:

  • 9 Total Bays:
    • 3 user acccessible 5.25"
    • 2 user accessible 3.5"
    • 4 internal 3.5 fixed disk drives

NCR S1400 Power Supply:

  • Single 330W PFC

NCR S1400 Integrated Features

  • Intel 10/100 Ethernet
  • ATI-Rage XL controller w/4mb of SDRAM
  • Dual Channel Ultra160 SCSI
  • Dual Channel IDE

NCR S1400 OS Shipped:

  • Windows NT4.0
  • Windows 2000
  • MP-RAS

NCR S1400 Cabinet:

  • Deskside only
  • Cabinet Size:
    • 18.1"H x 8.5"W x 17.6"D

Need something you don't see listed above?

Call 800-457-8499 or email us for information and pricing on systems and upgrades not listed.

Questions about the NCR S1400?

For more information on NCR S1400 server call us at 800-457-8499 or email us. View the NCR S1400 PDF.

Order Your NCR S1400 Servers and Upgrades

Order your NCR S1400 servers and upgrades now: call 800-457-8499 or email us. Your purchase order, with credit approval, is welcome; as well as all major credit cards. Remember, you'll get FREE technical service with every product you buy from Vecmar.

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